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PocketDeal Overview

PocketDeal makes everyday shopping easier, while saving you money on all the products you purchase. PocketDeal is ideal for tracking and finding the best prices for the products that you need to purchase, as well as keeping a record of the purchases you make every day.

We sort through all the information available about hundreds of online and retail stores, and keep you up to date with all the latest coupons, discounts and rebates, and even match them with the products that you want to purchase. We can provide timely information about the latest coupons and discounts than periodicals, which have lead times of days, or even specialized web sites that requires you to browse through unsorted and unreliable information.

PocketDeal will automatically download from our web site the latest coupons for hundreds of manufacturers and retail and online stores, so you will have all these coupons with you at anytime. PocketDeal can even match these coupons withr the products you want to purchase, or you can add your own coupons for your favorite stores or products.

And if you want to make sure that you pay the lowest price for a product, you can simultaneously search tens of online stores to check the current price for that product. PocketDeal will automatically update it's search agents from our web site, so you will have instant access to the best stores on the Internet.

With PocketDeal you can create on-the-fly shopping lists for the dates, stores and product categories that you want, containing extensive information about each item in your list, or just track your past purchases to have a better control over your expenses.

Using the PocketDeal advanced data entry system, it's easy to keep your shopping list up-to-date. You can flag the item as "One Time" purchase and it will be removed from the shopping list once you purchase it, or flag it as a "Recurring" purchase and it will automatically added to your shopping list when the purchase time is due.

Best of all, PocketDeal for PocketPC is FREE!

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